Series Synopsis

Our lives are like a flowing stream of short stories. Each day is a page, each month a chapter, each year a novel, and one’s life a series of volumes. Yet, only a fraction of pages stays imprinted on our minds until something we see, or something someone says triggers a memory, and suddenly we’re transported back in time to a place or event we haven’t thought of in years. The Out-of-Place short stories podcast is that trigger. Listeners are often surprised when the stories rekindle their own memories about a situation they found themselves in, that didn’t feel right when it happened, but worked out in ways that shaped their perceptions and outlooks for the rest of their lives. So why not join the journey now to see if my stories awaken your own?

Kill Kill Kill

A surprise call from a former employee sends Frank on a secret mission to explore a potentially massive business opportunity. Suddenly, his vision for the future of his company’s business is a far cry from sanitizing backyard swimming pool water where images of sunshine, bikini clad women, and kids splashing are commonplace. Will his management share in his enthusiasm or sink the idea?

Don’t Judge a Man by His Stutter

Frank’s corporate bubble is pierced by outside world realities when he is introduced to a new customer by the name of Bud Stocik. Bud’s humble background, rough-hewn appearance and heavy stutter leaves Frank in the lurch. How will he every find a way to connect with Bud?

Not by Design

Frank goes “off the track” to help his 7 year old son build a Pinewood Derby car.

What was I thinking?

Frank helps a magazine publisher get into an “invitation only” customer luncheon hosted by his company’s chairman. The publisher’s return favor lands Frank in a precarious spot that could cost him his job!

Chapter 1 | Out of Place

Midnight shift in the Pittsburgh produce yards provides an eye-opening experience into the world of manual labor for a Penn State College kid home for the summer.

Chapter 2 | My Brother’s Keeper

Membership in the Teamsters Union thrusts 19-year-old Frank into a moral dilemma when union representatives and management hit a contract impasse. To strike or not to strike, how will he vote?

Chapter 3 | Blue Bird of Happiness

Events leading up to a dream job interview with a premier ad agency throw a spotlight on Frank’s aspirations, and a surprise that rockets him back to reality.

Be the Ball

In this podcast, Frank “takes a swing” at writing fiction and comes up with a whimsical story about the life of a golf ball.

I Once Knew a Guy

Frank is left with a chilled feeling after being introduced to Jim, a much-revered copywriter at the ad agency where they both work. What Frank doesn’t know is that there is a host of secrets bottled up inside this master of words. As the ice between them melts, Frank learns more than he ever imagined.


A life-long relationship unexpectedly goes up in smoke, sparking vivid childhood memories around the storied estate where it all began.

Stories that don’t fit. Endings that do!

Have you ever found yourself feeling… out of place? I sure have, many times! That’s why I created this podcast to help listeners rekindle their memories about a situation they found themselves in, that didn’t feel right when it happened, but worked out in ways that shaped their perceptions and outlooks for the rest of their lives.

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About Frank

Frank Schiffman is the writer/producer of the Out-Of-Place podcast series. As a child growing up in Pittsburgh’s east end, Frank dreamed of being an actor or comedian. In his teens, he often put on skits for his family by doing imitations of relatives and telling jokes.

After graduating from Penn State with a degree in advertising and journalism, Frank entered the corporate world of marketing and sales with two Fortune 300 companies where he worked his way up to his current position as Director of Marketing for Westlake Water Solutions.

His love of theatrics led to creating his own one-man training shows featuring characters from Emeril Lagasse and Dr. Phil to Moses, Borat and Jim Cramer for 800 retail store managers at Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies, the largest pool retailer in the world. He also was voted Leslie’s best trainer for 10 years in a row.

Now, Frank has taken to podcasting as a storyteller and imitator, pulling from life experiences with such descriptive clarity that audiences feel like they are right there with him.